Herman von Stahl

Tall and muscular with a deformed face, Herman never smiles, except when he is digging his fists into someone's face.


Rank 1 Averlander Zealot


Strength: 4
Toughness: 4
Agility: 2

Intelligence: 2
Willpower: 4
Fellowship: 2

Trained Skills:

Intimidate XOO – Specialization: Violence
Resilience XOO
Weapon Skill XOO – Specialization: Great Weapons
Piety OOO


Even though Herman was born into Averland’s nobility, his life was not easy. Sure he never lacked food, clothes, servants or a comfortable place to sleep, but he was always lonely. His mother got sick during her pregnancy with Herman. She recovered but Herman was born with a malformed face as a result of the problematic pregnancy.

For all of his life Herman has been part of the von Stahl family mostly just on paper. He is sure that everyone in his family secretly wishes him dead, but Herman is fine with that because he also could care less whether his family lives or dies. Especially his brother Max von Stahl.

Max is the son any noble wishes for and pretty much the polar opposite of Herman. Handsome, polite, gentle, charismatic and next in line to inherit their father’s horse business and estate. Herman has always disliked Max. He was not a kind brother. When they were younger he would parade Herman in front of girls like some kind of exotic monster he had tamed. But ever since Max had had the audacity to propose to Clothhilde von Alptraum, who is clearly meant to end up with Herman, his dislike for Max has grown to pure hatred. The only reason he hasn’t killed Max himself is because he enjoys the fact that Clothhilde did not accept the proposal. Also, making Max’s life as miserable as possible is one of the few things that gives Herman any joy.

Herman recently stole and sold Max’s most precious riding trophy to a woman down by the docks, however Max suspected him and threatened to tell Clothhilde that Herman was in love with her. Now Herman has to try to get the trophy back however he doesn’t even know if that woman is still in possession of the trophy.

Herman was steaming with anger about this, however some relief came in the strange form of an Ogre that his father had hired as guard. His father was one of those people that always thought: “Bigger is better.”

Herman, who had always been good at intimidating people, convinced the kitchen staff that he would skin them alive unless he cut the food supplies for the Ogre in half for the next few days. By the third day you could see that the Ogre could barely keep it together. That night Herman made the arrangements to have Max’s favorite horse kept in the stable where the Ogre would sleep. As expected the next day the only thing left of the horse was it’s tail and some of the skin.

Herman, thinking that an allied Ogre may come in handy in the future convinced his father just to fire the Ogre instead of having him killed, insisting that is was just in the Ogre’s nature and that it was the staff’s fault anyways because they didn’t give him enough food and placed Max’s horse in the wrong stable (so far no one in the staff has denied this claim since they are genuinely scared of Herman).

A few days later an Outcast came looking for a job. Since the stable boy had been fired after the horse incident, Herman’s father offered the stranger the job. Herman had heard rumors that the Outcast had been found bedding a nobleman’s daughter, but when confronted with it, he denied it. For some strange reason Herman took to liking the stranger. Maybe it was the fact that he would always say what was on his mind, whether he wanted to or not. He would not beat around the bush and Herman liked that. However, Herman was always careful. He didn’t trust people, and the fact that he was somehow inclined to trust this stranger made him very uncomfortable.

Herman is a devoted man. He prays to Sigmar at least 3 times a day and is not shy about sharing his views about how this world is being consumed by filth and decay. How magic is the root of all evil and needs to be burnt off the face of the earth.

These days, when Herman is not plotting to ruin Max’s life, he is making plans on how he will win Clothhilde’s heart and make sure he doesn’t lose the privileged lifestyle he is used to having. In recent months his obsession with Clothhilde and his religious fanaticism have been more intense. He barely leaves his room, where he is usually either learning to read and write, plotting against his brother, daydreaming about his future life with Clothhilde or envisioning himself single-handedly ridding the world of all evil and being celebrated as a hero. Surely if he was a beloved Hero of the Empire, Clothhilde could not refuse him!

This morning Herman woke up with a strange feeling. A feeling of good things to come. He hadn’t felt this…ever. Sigmar had spoken to him. The Ogre and the Outcast were put in his path for a reason and he was determined to find out what that reason is…

Loves: Herman loves to fight. He will take any opportunity for a good fist fight and will often start fights himself for no reason.

Hates: Herman hates beggars and lazy people. This is somewhat hypocritical since he never had to work for anything.

Fears: Larger bodies of water. Even though Herman can swim, he is absolutely scared of bodies of water where we cannot see the bottom. He will not go near them, much less go into them.

Herman von Stahl

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