Heralds of the Storm

Session 1

The Missing Coach

Drakwald the 25 of Jardrung, 2518 in the year of our Empire

The party waked up at the White Horse after a night of heavy drinking and bonding. The Dwarfs decided to pick up the hefty bill from last night on account of them likely drinking the lion’s share of the ale. Talking to the still drunk coachmen Günther and Hess revealed that the coach from Middenheim was late, very late indeed. The dwarfs were expecting a letter to arrive on the coach and after some deliberations they decided to bring their new Reiklander friends along to search for the coach.
Before leaving, Fuchs saw an opportunity to earn some quick money and got into a bit of bullying as he extorted a young scribe for returning his book to him.

They traveled down the road north, and it proved uneventful for a few hours until a gunshot shattered the calm. Rushing forward the party spied the missing coach under attack from a raiding party of savage beastmen. Trying to distract the beastmen from the passengers, Kreigan lowered his crossbow and fired, initiating the fight. After a brief scrap where the party quickly got the upper hand the Beastmen were driven off.
In the aftermath, Doc struggled with saving one of the passengers, a young girl dressed as an initiate of Sigmar, who had taken a nasty stomach wound.
However, the beastmen soon returned in greater numbers. Their leader fought a duel with the iron breaker Glur but got his head caved in by the stout dwarf’s great hammer. After mopping up some of the ungor foot troops the remainder of the filthy mutants fled into the forest.
The next issue was to get the terrified merchant, Klaus von Rothstein, to let them in to the coach to claim the letter. He proved to be a great annoyance for the party and after some cajoling with Fuchs, Glur lost his temper and ripped of the door and sent the merchant sprawling in the ditch.

During the confrontation with the merchant, Kreigan and Doc made a disturbing find. One of the dead passengers had an identical appearance to Doc, he could have been his twin! A few letters on the dead man was the only clues to this mystery.
After discussing strategy with the surviving Coachman Rutger Abend, the party decided to head back to the White Horse with the wounded girl and their dwarven letter.

At the white horse, the party was greeted as heroes by the coachmen. The girl, Erika, regained some consciousness and implored the party to return an old Icon she had been carrying to her home village of Untergard. She had fled when the village was attacked by a beastman horde, her superior have urged her to take the icon to Altdorf but Erika was now determined that this was against the will of Sigmar. Erika seems to trust the party completely on this matter.

Lacking the ability to read, Doc and Fuchs payed the scribe to read the letter found on the dead look-alike aloud to them. The letters seemed to suggest that the deceased was named Kastor Lieberung and had recently inherited a barony near Übersreik and a great sum of money. However, he needed to travel to the city of Bögenhafen to claim this inheritance.

Now faced with several avenues of opportunity it seems that the party are at a crossroads. What way will they travel and what will they face there? We shall see…


That merchant Klaus von Rothstein is lucky we didn’t kill him!

Session 1

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