“ ‘Tis was the year when the signs of what was to come was shown plainly for all to see. Yet most choose to look away, to recoil in horror from that which moved in the shadows and festered under our noses. The distant warnings of thunder in the night was ignored and as children we pulled the sheets over our heads and slept on, choosing instead to dream of something safe rather than awake to the nightmare reality. Not all were so lucky to have that choice. Fate seems to always find a few to walk the darkest paths, those few who will not look away from the terrors of the unknown but purposely stride towards it. In to the heart of the storm. Either to triumph over the weakness of their mortal pedigree or to damn their souls for all eternity. For that is the fate of adventurers and the burden of their ultimate choice. “
- Ernst Heidlemann – Scribe and Vagabond – on the year 2522


The great Twin-Tailed Comet, a portent tied to both Sigmar and
the Empire, has been seen in the sky. To some, it is a sign of hope.
To others, the harbinger of doom. Tensions rise, as the effects of a
ruthless winter and poor harvests are felt across the Empire – villages
and farms find it harder than ever to scrape by, and supplies
for the Empire’s constant war efforts dwindle ever lower.
To many citizens, this can mean only one thing. The End Times
are at hand. Fear is rife. Another Great War is coming. Beastmen
are growing restless, attacking villages with greater frequency and
ferocity. The Chaos cults are rising up, summoning daemons, fomenting
rebellion, and instigating insurrection throughout the Empire’s
cities. Bands of Chaos marauders scout further and further
south than usual – some even penetrating as far as the Reikland to
test the Empire’s defenses for the coming conflict.
In the midst of this bleak, brewing turmoil, the adventurers are
beacons of hope. Fate has called to them, binding them with the
silvery threads of destiny and fortune. Together, valiant humans of
the Reikland, wood elves from Athel Loren, high elves from distant
Ulthuan, and the dwarfs of Karak Azgaraz face the formidable
threats of the Old World.
Can these brave few fulfil their destinies as Fate’s champions in
this, the Empire’s time of greatest need?

Heralds of the Storm

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