Heralds of the Storm

The Enemy Within part 1
A Dockside Scuffle

6’th of Sigmarzeit, Backerstag, Averheim

In Journey’s End Coaching Inn, Archibald von Rothstein is eating breakfast when Unterlector Victor Glottz appears and charges him with a mission on behalf of the Sun Society: Seek out the Agitator Rambrecht Delfholt and judge whether his writings have enough merits to be publicised in the Sun Society Notes. Archibald accepts, mostly to escape the boredom of his normal studies.

In the meantime, at the Von Stahl mansion nearby, Erdling overhears Herman’s older brother Max accusing Herman of the theft (correctly so) of one of his riding trophies to their father. Erdling notifies Herman and after applying some stalling tactics. They set off to talk to the fence that Herman sold the trophy to.

At the docks, they meet up with Archibald, who is an acquaintance (he is teaching Herman to read and write on the side). They learn of the disappearance of the Fisherman Jurgen Klinski. Archibald confronts Rambrecht and is pressured to by one of his pamphlets before Herman loses his temper with the man and threatens with physical harm. Odd circumstances conspire to leave pamphlets to everyone in the party, including Erdling who can’t read (or can he?).

After this Herman and party approaches the Upright Pig to meet with Martha Durbein. However, at the door they are drawn into a big fistfight between the rival Wharf Rats and Fish gangs. After taking a punch Archibald decides that enough is enough and summons the Flaming Sword of Rhuin, sending the dock gangers fleeing for their lives, screaming for the guard and for divine protection against witchcraft.
Entering the Upright Pig, Herman talks to Mathilda and learns that his brothers trophy have been sold on to an unknown buyer. For a few silver, Mathilda can get a name if they return later that night.

Erdling stays at the dockside while his more noble compatriots withdraw to wait for the evening. He makes inquiries about the missing Fisherman, whom he has an uneasy debt to. Speaking to his wife Olga reveals that he disappeared a rainy night a week ago. Erdling is then approached by Ute the Busker. A young girl with a wealth of information. She informs him of the tension between the Wharf Rats and the Fish after the disappearance of Rat ganger Rolf Haller a few days back. Also, she offers information that many of Averheims guard have deserted due to outstanding pay in the last months.
Sessions ends with Erdling making a report of his findings to Herman and the party resting up for a nighttime excursion to the docksides.

Session 0
New Heralds Arise!

Starting off a new campaign, this time taking on the fantastic Enemy Within Campaign (3’rd edition) Our group faced an abrupt halt to our previous campaign. The narrative wheels cranked and the stage was set to play in the year 2522, a 4 year leap since our last campaign. This time, the campaign set out from the fair city of Averheim in the southern parts of the Empire.

Session 0 was character creation and our small group got together to figure out who is who?
Using the brilliant background cards supplemented in the campaign box we first selected the background and then a career fitting the Traits listed. Selecting careers took along, time. Since there are so many to choose from now.
We ended up with a strange bunch of characters: (no surprise there)
Mayu, playing a Noble Zealot, with the Gently Born background. Herman von Stahl.
Douglas, playing a bastard Servant with a mysterious past and the Outsider background. Erdling
Max, first deciding on an Ogre Maneater, but later changing his mind into playing a Bright Wizard Apprentice with the Academic background. Archibald von Rothstein.
All in all we have a bunch of more or less Noble characters but all of them outsiders and freaks in different ways. FUN!
We’ll see what happens when the rubber meets the road in Session 1.

Session 4
Beware the Schaffenfest and the Boars of the Reikwald

Reikland, the 30th of Jardrung, 2518 in the year of our Empire

Having successfully thwarted the Bounty hunter Adolphus Herz and escaped the town guard, our heroes now found themselves hiding in a muddy ditch about half a mile from the city of Bögenhafen.
In the night the bright lights from the Schaffen Fest pavilions and beer tents proved enticing enough for the party and the ventured in to get a beer, see the sights and maybe steal a purse or two. They were soon drawn to an announcement of a travelling freak show where they were shown a three legged goblin. The goblin proceeded to promptly escape and despite the party’s best efforts the creature got a way clean and took refuge in the city sewers. The guard rounded up all the witnesses and the Magistrate declared that there would be a bounty of 50 silver for however dealt with the public nuisance of the escaped goblin. The owner of the fair decided to match the city bounty, making the capture of the goblin a lucrative deal! However, the party soon lost interest after briefly investigating a means to get into the dark and nasty sewers. Hunting goblins was not a task they were well suited to. Instead they opted to retreat to the Inn of the Last Journey to recuperate and make plans.

It was decided that they should attempt to honor the promise made to the bounty hunter – to meet him in Ubersreik in 4 days to clear their names. There was also the mystery of Kastor Lieberungs origin in Nuln to investigate. The party thus left the city of Bögenhafen at first light and headed towards Ubersreik.

Making camp in the lush Reikwald forest, Doc decided that some trapping of animals could be a good way to make the rations last longer. Next morning the party had indeed captured food in the form of a boar, now trapped and working up a maddened rage. Fuchs readily attempted to make it’s suffering short with his hand crossbow but wounding the beast made it even more angry, to the point where it broke free and mauled Fuchs savagely. The resulting combat turned desperate as the ill prepared party tried to subdue the wounded and crazed boar. Fuchs arrows did the lion’s share of the damage complimented by a lightning blast from Heinrich, but the final straw was when Doc locked eyes with the boar and with a stern voice cowed the creature enough to allow it’s many wounds to bleed out.

Fuchs was left critically injured and unconscious but was revived by the attention of Doc.
As the smell of roasting boar began to spread through the forest The party was joined by two travelers with a simple wagon. Vern Hendrick and Hans Kurtz, a manservant to the noble lord Aschaffenberg and his coachman. As they partook of the party’s hospitality they were offered a strange job by the manservant. Lord Aschaffenberg wanted some discreet help to investigate the staff of his newly acquired hunting lodge to find out why they were behaving so strangely. Perhaps there was dissidence or criminal forces at work?
They party decided that they could indeed help out and the group set out towards Ubersreik and the Hunting Lodge.

Session 3
Mistaken Identity

Reikland, the 29th of Jardrung, 2518 in the year of our Empire

The Party arrived safely in Bögenhafen after a few days travel on Johanns ship, the Berbelli. Many people had gathered for the Schaffenfest and the docks and streets were packed with people. They were soon set upon by a strange pie vendor, who made strange hand signs and gestures. Obviously irritated at the lack of response from the party the vendor left and was later seen speaking to shady looking individuals. Fuchs shadowed the vendor to a particular inn, but could learn no more.

As they intended to pass as the retinue of Kastor Lieberung to claim his inheritance, the party next set out to find themselves some higher class clothes and lodging. Fuchs dressed up in white and purple as a bodyguard and Doc tried to glean some proper merchant manners from a hat maker.

After some asking around, the party eventually found their way to the unassuming cellar offices of Lock, Stöck and Barl, attorneys at law. There was something not quite right with the set-up but they decided to enter anyways.
After meeting with the ancient scribe occupying the front desk they were shown in to the office of a man introducing himself as Herr Barl. After satisfying himself to Doc’s identity as Kastor Lieberung, the presumed lawyer sprang his trap by pulling a gun and calling on thugs armed with nets and clubs. Apparently the whole inheritance had been an elaborate trap to capture Kastor Lieberung. The party resisted and a fight broke out. The party lacked melee fighters but as the goal of the thugs was to capture them alive they were evenly matched. The party managed to injure “Herr Barl” enough to force him to retreat but Fuchs quickly chased him down and incapacitated him. After that the thugs had little fight left in them and quickly succumbed.

In the aftermath, the party found a letter on Herr “Barl” explaining that he was in fact a bounty hunter named “Adolphus Herz” that had been hunting Lieberung for some time. Interrogating Adolphus they learned that Lieberung had been part of some sinister society and was hunted by a wealthy family in Nuln. They decided to try to convince Adolphus of their innocence and promised to meet him in Ubersreik in four days’ time to better explain things. After this the party took flight to avoid the guard patrol that had been alerted by the fight. Slipping away with the festival crowds they left Bögenhafen hastily.

Session 2
Crossroads At Dawn

Drakwald the 26 of Jardrung, 2518 in the year of our Empire

Fuchs and Doc woke the next day at the White Horse, having celebrated their success at finding the missing coach and defeating the Beastmen. However, the two dwarfs were nowhere to be found. Apparently, the contents of letter they had retrieved from the coach had upset them greatly and they had left abruptly during the night.
Fuchs and Doc now faced a choice, should they head south to Bögenhafen to try to claim the inheritance of Doc’s identical twin, one Kastor Lieberung? Or should they take the Holy Icon back to the northern town of Untergard on behalf of the injured Erika Manner? After some debating the pair choose the former option as the gold mentioned in the lawyers letter proved too enticing.

At this time, the apprentice celestial wizard Heinrich Von Hellborg arrived at the inn. Sent on a cryptic errand by his master to uncover the hidden meaning of a divination. His master had left him little guidance or clues, but perhaps this was merely part of the test?
Nevertheless, Heinrich quickly struck up a conversation with Fuchs and Doc but they where interrupted by the arrival of a patrol of roadwardens, accompanied by the merchant Klaus Von Rothstein. The merchant held a grudge against them, so Doc and Fuchs made a hasty escape out the back. Fuchs bribed Gustav to keep silent and the pair hid in the woodshed.
Meanwhile, Heinrich tried unsuccessfully to convince Erika to let him look at the Icon and then returned to the common room where Klaus employed him to use his magic to divine the whereabouts of Doc and Fuchs. As he focused the spell on the pair Heindrich saw a glimpse into the near future, where dark magic and danger lurked for the pair. Heinrich believed this to be the sign his master had spoken about. Heinrich decided to trick Klaus and the roadwardens and sent them north and away from the Inn. Afterwards, the three men met up and agreed to travel together towards Altdorf.

On the road they encountered an army marching north, flying the colors of Altdorf. A herald informed them that the Beastman Chieftain Khazrak had assembled a large host and was rampaging through the villages of the Drakwald. The elector-count of Middenheim was assembling an army to counter-attack and this was the forces sent as support by the Emperor himself. Having no taste for further fighting with the beastmen, the group declined the offer to join the militia.

At dusk they reached the capitol and decided to split up. Fuchs was going to meet and old friend at the Old Boatman tavern and Doc joined him. Heindrich felt he had better report his finding to his master and went to the Collegue building to leave a letter. Later on Heinrich joined up with the others at the Old Boatman and despite the unwelcome attention to the wizard they managed to make contact with Johann Bootsmann. Fuchs and Doc revealed their intention to go to Bögenhafen and Johann offered passage on his boat, as he could easily find a cargo to that town. Also, there was the renowned Schaffenfest in Bögenhafen next weekend, something that shouldn’t be missed according to Johann.
Next morning the gang finds themselves on Johanns boat setting off downriver from Altdorf.

How will the fair city of Bögenhafen welcome our rag-tag band? We shall see…

Session 1
The Missing Coach

Drakwald the 25 of Jardrung, 2518 in the year of our Empire

The party waked up at the White Horse after a night of heavy drinking and bonding. The Dwarfs decided to pick up the hefty bill from last night on account of them likely drinking the lion’s share of the ale. Talking to the still drunk coachmen Günther and Hess revealed that the coach from Middenheim was late, very late indeed. The dwarfs were expecting a letter to arrive on the coach and after some deliberations they decided to bring their new Reiklander friends along to search for the coach.
Before leaving, Fuchs saw an opportunity to earn some quick money and got into a bit of bullying as he extorted a young scribe for returning his book to him.

They traveled down the road north, and it proved uneventful for a few hours until a gunshot shattered the calm. Rushing forward the party spied the missing coach under attack from a raiding party of savage beastmen. Trying to distract the beastmen from the passengers, Kreigan lowered his crossbow and fired, initiating the fight. After a brief scrap where the party quickly got the upper hand the Beastmen were driven off.
In the aftermath, Doc struggled with saving one of the passengers, a young girl dressed as an initiate of Sigmar, who had taken a nasty stomach wound.
However, the beastmen soon returned in greater numbers. Their leader fought a duel with the iron breaker Glur but got his head caved in by the stout dwarf’s great hammer. After mopping up some of the ungor foot troops the remainder of the filthy mutants fled into the forest.
The next issue was to get the terrified merchant, Klaus von Rothstein, to let them in to the coach to claim the letter. He proved to be a great annoyance for the party and after some cajoling with Fuchs, Glur lost his temper and ripped of the door and sent the merchant sprawling in the ditch.

During the confrontation with the merchant, Kreigan and Doc made a disturbing find. One of the dead passengers had an identical appearance to Doc, he could have been his twin! A few letters on the dead man was the only clues to this mystery.
After discussing strategy with the surviving Coachman Rutger Abend, the party decided to head back to the White Horse with the wounded girl and their dwarven letter.

At the white horse, the party was greeted as heroes by the coachmen. The girl, Erika, regained some consciousness and implored the party to return an old Icon she had been carrying to her home village of Untergard. She had fled when the village was attacked by a beastman horde, her superior have urged her to take the icon to Altdorf but Erika was now determined that this was against the will of Sigmar. Erika seems to trust the party completely on this matter.

Lacking the ability to read, Doc and Fuchs payed the scribe to read the letter found on the dead look-alike aloud to them. The letters seemed to suggest that the deceased was named Kastor Lieberung and had recently inherited a barony near Übersreik and a great sum of money. However, he needed to travel to the city of Bögenhafen to claim this inheritance.

Now faced with several avenues of opportunity it seems that the party are at a crossroads. What way will they travel and what will they face there? We shall see…

Character Creation

Really nice session last night where we rolled up some great characters for everyone.

We ended up with:
Rasmus’ Dwarf – A strong, armored Iron Breaker.
Max’s Dwarf – A cunning and shooty Bounty Hunter.
Mayu’s Reiklander – A slippery and sly Smuggler
David’s Reiklander – An authoritative and brilliant Barber-surgeon.

Now all we need is some names and backgrounds to these characters. Reiklanders generally have german-sounding names while Dwarfs have more nordic/viking sounding names.

To make the backgrounds easier to put together you can answer a few of these questions:
Where are you from?
What is your family like?
What is your social class?
How religious are you?
Who are you loyal to?
Who do you love/hate?
Why are you adventuring/traveling?

You don’t have to write an essay, short answer will be just as good.
Go and update your characters on the Character page of the campaign menu above!
See you next Wednesday.


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