Heinrich Von Hellborg

Agent Wizard of The Cellestial College of Magic


24 years of age, Heinrich appears as a 6’ tall, athletic body with a pale complexion. His black hair is kept long and groomed. Clean shaved and with piercing blue eyes.
Dressed in a tattered dark blue robe of his order, he employs a wooden staff with silver bands to pace his stride.
Keeping calm and cool temper at most times, he’s quick perception and associated magic means that he is seldom surprised or astonished.


Heinrich was born in the outskirts of Altdorf. His father was the captain of a watchtower outpost where Heinrich spent his youth often sneaking out of bed at night and climbing to the top of the tower to gaze at the stars.
His call towards magic manifested early in his teens when he developed an uncanny trait of always being in the right place at the right time.
At age 15 he was tried and accepted into The Cellestial College of Magic in Altdorf. His Master: Diter Hoos, a powerful but somewhat senile Wizard had him running errant’s after books, helping with luggage and cleaning just as much as actually studying magic.
In later years he’s been tasked with increasingly more important tasks by his master, himself getting to old to travel. He enjoys this freedom and strives to please his Master and to prove himself worthy in the eyes of the college.

Heinrich Von Hellborg

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