Archibald von Rothstein

Bright Wizard


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Archibald was born in Averheim into the prominent von Rothstein family. A large family spread across most of the southern part of the Empire it is a family of traditions and strong military ties.
The von Rothstein in Averheim, with Adolf von Rothstein as its patriarch, is no different although much of their former glory and wealth have been lost over the last years due to poor investments and ill kept business. As a family with a long standing tradition of sending their sons to military school and to serve in the army for at least some time the family suffered greatly in the last war when 5 of the 6 sons of Adolf von Rothstein fell in battle against the greenskins. The only surviving son of the family was Archibald who was in Altdorf attending the Bright Order college of Magic.

Archibald was the youngest of the sons and unlike his brothers he spent a lot of time in the family library instead of riding horses or fencing in the backyard. Adolf supported Archibalds further studies into magic, after all he already had 5 of his sons in military school so he was content with allowing his youngest a different path.
After the war Archibald promptly returned to Averheim to support his father, who now spends most of his time grieving and staring deeply into the bottle. Archibald has sworn to restore his family’s greatness and to shoulder his lost brothers legacy, to honor their sacrifice for Averland and the Empire.

Upon his return to Averheim his master, Battle Wizard Luthor Ekenhart, aranged for him to come under the guidance of the sun society. Luthor himself is called upon by the college to serve the Empire army which has been dispatch to crush the Beastmen army raiding large parts of northern Talabechland.
Archibald finds the society rather tedious and quickly clashed with light Wizard Konrad Maur who dismissed his paper on “Gork and Mork: the shaman magic of greenskin gods” as scaremongering and nonsense. However Robertus von Oppenheim recently published paper “The power of the Gods: How the Gods Affect the Winds of Magic.” confirmed Archibalds own studies, much to the annoyment of Konrad.
He now highly anticipates the return of Graf Friedrich von Kaufman expedition which left in search of the “Tablet of Ormond”, an ancient elven artifact which was lost more than 70 years ago in the Southlands during the battle of a thousand skulls. Rumors that the Tablet had been sighted by a Tilean expedition surfaced last fall and an expedition was quickly assembled.

Archibald is 24 years old. He is broad shoulders with a defined muscle-tone and stands 6’3’. His once brown hair has now started to shift into orange and blonde as it does most “Red Wizards” He keeps a pointy goatee and his deep set eyes shifts from orange to fiery bright.
He clothes himself with the robes of his order, adorn with iron details and a brass staff.

His passion and commitment is felt in all his action, everything he does is done full on with a aggressive undertone. His military upbringing can barley contain his burning passion of magic and hate for greenskins equally. He believes that in order to avenge his brothers, protect Averland and to eradicate all greenskins he must become a great wizard and a great leader. He does fear the lure of Chaos and the taint of Tzenetch for it is present in his dreams, ever luring him with a promise of power and wealth.

Archibald von Rothstein

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