Heralds of the Storm

The Enemy Within part 1

A Dockside Scuffle

6’th of Sigmarzeit, Backerstag, Averheim

In Journey’s End Coaching Inn, Archibald von Rothstein is eating breakfast when Unterlector Victor Glottz appears and charges him with a mission on behalf of the Sun Society: Seek out the Agitator Rambrecht Delfholt and judge whether his writings have enough merits to be publicised in the Sun Society Notes. Archibald accepts, mostly to escape the boredom of his normal studies.

In the meantime, at the Von Stahl mansion nearby, Erdling overhears Herman’s older brother Max accusing Herman of the theft (correctly so) of one of his riding trophies to their father. Erdling notifies Herman and after applying some stalling tactics. They set off to talk to the fence that Herman sold the trophy to.

At the docks, they meet up with Archibald, who is an acquaintance (he is teaching Herman to read and write on the side). They learn of the disappearance of the Fisherman Jurgen Klinski. Archibald confronts Rambrecht and is pressured to by one of his pamphlets before Herman loses his temper with the man and threatens with physical harm. Odd circumstances conspire to leave pamphlets to everyone in the party, including Erdling who can’t read (or can he?).

After this Herman and party approaches the Upright Pig to meet with Martha Durbein. However, at the door they are drawn into a big fistfight between the rival Wharf Rats and Fish gangs. After taking a punch Archibald decides that enough is enough and summons the Flaming Sword of Rhuin, sending the dock gangers fleeing for their lives, screaming for the guard and for divine protection against witchcraft.
Entering the Upright Pig, Herman talks to Mathilda and learns that his brothers trophy have been sold on to an unknown buyer. For a few silver, Mathilda can get a name if they return later that night.

Erdling stays at the dockside while his more noble compatriots withdraw to wait for the evening. He makes inquiries about the missing Fisherman, whom he has an uneasy debt to. Speaking to his wife Olga reveals that he disappeared a rainy night a week ago. Erdling is then approached by Ute the Busker. A young girl with a wealth of information. She informs him of the tension between the Wharf Rats and the Fish after the disappearance of Rat ganger Rolf Haller a few days back. Also, she offers information that many of Averheims guard have deserted due to outstanding pay in the last months.
Sessions ends with Erdling making a report of his findings to Herman and the party resting up for a nighttime excursion to the docksides.


Great session! looking forward to the next!

The Enemy Within part 1

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