Heralds of the Storm

Session 4

Beware the Schaffenfest and the Boars of the Reikwald

Reikland, the 30th of Jardrung, 2518 in the year of our Empire

Having successfully thwarted the Bounty hunter Adolphus Herz and escaped the town guard, our heroes now found themselves hiding in a muddy ditch about half a mile from the city of Bögenhafen.
In the night the bright lights from the Schaffen Fest pavilions and beer tents proved enticing enough for the party and the ventured in to get a beer, see the sights and maybe steal a purse or two. They were soon drawn to an announcement of a travelling freak show where they were shown a three legged goblin. The goblin proceeded to promptly escape and despite the party’s best efforts the creature got a way clean and took refuge in the city sewers. The guard rounded up all the witnesses and the Magistrate declared that there would be a bounty of 50 silver for however dealt with the public nuisance of the escaped goblin. The owner of the fair decided to match the city bounty, making the capture of the goblin a lucrative deal! However, the party soon lost interest after briefly investigating a means to get into the dark and nasty sewers. Hunting goblins was not a task they were well suited to. Instead they opted to retreat to the Inn of the Last Journey to recuperate and make plans.

It was decided that they should attempt to honor the promise made to the bounty hunter – to meet him in Ubersreik in 4 days to clear their names. There was also the mystery of Kastor Lieberungs origin in Nuln to investigate. The party thus left the city of Bögenhafen at first light and headed towards Ubersreik.

Making camp in the lush Reikwald forest, Doc decided that some trapping of animals could be a good way to make the rations last longer. Next morning the party had indeed captured food in the form of a boar, now trapped and working up a maddened rage. Fuchs readily attempted to make it’s suffering short with his hand crossbow but wounding the beast made it even more angry, to the point where it broke free and mauled Fuchs savagely. The resulting combat turned desperate as the ill prepared party tried to subdue the wounded and crazed boar. Fuchs arrows did the lion’s share of the damage complimented by a lightning blast from Heinrich, but the final straw was when Doc locked eyes with the boar and with a stern voice cowed the creature enough to allow it’s many wounds to bleed out.

Fuchs was left critically injured and unconscious but was revived by the attention of Doc.
As the smell of roasting boar began to spread through the forest The party was joined by two travelers with a simple wagon. Vern Hendrick and Hans Kurtz, a manservant to the noble lord Aschaffenberg and his coachman. As they partook of the party’s hospitality they were offered a strange job by the manservant. Lord Aschaffenberg wanted some discreet help to investigate the staff of his newly acquired hunting lodge to find out why they were behaving so strangely. Perhaps there was dissidence or criminal forces at work?
They party decided that they could indeed help out and the group set out towards Ubersreik and the Hunting Lodge.



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