Heralds of the Storm

Session 3

Mistaken Identity

Reikland, the 29th of Jardrung, 2518 in the year of our Empire

The Party arrived safely in Bögenhafen after a few days travel on Johanns ship, the Berbelli. Many people had gathered for the Schaffenfest and the docks and streets were packed with people. They were soon set upon by a strange pie vendor, who made strange hand signs and gestures. Obviously irritated at the lack of response from the party the vendor left and was later seen speaking to shady looking individuals. Fuchs shadowed the vendor to a particular inn, but could learn no more.

As they intended to pass as the retinue of Kastor Lieberung to claim his inheritance, the party next set out to find themselves some higher class clothes and lodging. Fuchs dressed up in white and purple as a bodyguard and Doc tried to glean some proper merchant manners from a hat maker.

After some asking around, the party eventually found their way to the unassuming cellar offices of Lock, Stöck and Barl, attorneys at law. There was something not quite right with the set-up but they decided to enter anyways.
After meeting with the ancient scribe occupying the front desk they were shown in to the office of a man introducing himself as Herr Barl. After satisfying himself to Doc’s identity as Kastor Lieberung, the presumed lawyer sprang his trap by pulling a gun and calling on thugs armed with nets and clubs. Apparently the whole inheritance had been an elaborate trap to capture Kastor Lieberung. The party resisted and a fight broke out. The party lacked melee fighters but as the goal of the thugs was to capture them alive they were evenly matched. The party managed to injure “Herr Barl” enough to force him to retreat but Fuchs quickly chased him down and incapacitated him. After that the thugs had little fight left in them and quickly succumbed.

In the aftermath, the party found a letter on Herr “Barl” explaining that he was in fact a bounty hunter named “Adolphus Herz” that had been hunting Lieberung for some time. Interrogating Adolphus they learned that Lieberung had been part of some sinister society and was hunted by a wealthy family in Nuln. They decided to try to convince Adolphus of their innocence and promised to meet him in Ubersreik in four days’ time to better explain things. After this the party took flight to avoid the guard patrol that had been alerted by the fight. Slipping away with the festival crowds they left Bögenhafen hastily.



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