Heralds of the Storm

Session 2

Crossroads At Dawn

Drakwald the 26 of Jardrung, 2518 in the year of our Empire

Fuchs and Doc woke the next day at the White Horse, having celebrated their success at finding the missing coach and defeating the Beastmen. However, the two dwarfs were nowhere to be found. Apparently, the contents of letter they had retrieved from the coach had upset them greatly and they had left abruptly during the night.
Fuchs and Doc now faced a choice, should they head south to Bögenhafen to try to claim the inheritance of Doc’s identical twin, one Kastor Lieberung? Or should they take the Holy Icon back to the northern town of Untergard on behalf of the injured Erika Manner? After some debating the pair choose the former option as the gold mentioned in the lawyers letter proved too enticing.

At this time, the apprentice celestial wizard Heinrich Von Hellborg arrived at the inn. Sent on a cryptic errand by his master to uncover the hidden meaning of a divination. His master had left him little guidance or clues, but perhaps this was merely part of the test?
Nevertheless, Heinrich quickly struck up a conversation with Fuchs and Doc but they where interrupted by the arrival of a patrol of roadwardens, accompanied by the merchant Klaus Von Rothstein. The merchant held a grudge against them, so Doc and Fuchs made a hasty escape out the back. Fuchs bribed Gustav to keep silent and the pair hid in the woodshed.
Meanwhile, Heinrich tried unsuccessfully to convince Erika to let him look at the Icon and then returned to the common room where Klaus employed him to use his magic to divine the whereabouts of Doc and Fuchs. As he focused the spell on the pair Heindrich saw a glimpse into the near future, where dark magic and danger lurked for the pair. Heinrich believed this to be the sign his master had spoken about. Heinrich decided to trick Klaus and the roadwardens and sent them north and away from the Inn. Afterwards, the three men met up and agreed to travel together towards Altdorf.

On the road they encountered an army marching north, flying the colors of Altdorf. A herald informed them that the Beastman Chieftain Khazrak had assembled a large host and was rampaging through the villages of the Drakwald. The elector-count of Middenheim was assembling an army to counter-attack and this was the forces sent as support by the Emperor himself. Having no taste for further fighting with the beastmen, the group declined the offer to join the militia.

At dusk they reached the capitol and decided to split up. Fuchs was going to meet and old friend at the Old Boatman tavern and Doc joined him. Heindrich felt he had better report his finding to his master and went to the Collegue building to leave a letter. Later on Heinrich joined up with the others at the Old Boatman and despite the unwelcome attention to the wizard they managed to make contact with Johann Bootsmann. Fuchs and Doc revealed their intention to go to Bögenhafen and Johann offered passage on his boat, as he could easily find a cargo to that town. Also, there was the renowned Schaffenfest in Bögenhafen next weekend, something that shouldn’t be missed according to Johann.
Next morning the gang finds themselves on Johanns boat setting off downriver from Altdorf.

How will the fair city of Bögenhafen welcome our rag-tag band? We shall see…



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