Heralds of the Storm

Session 0

New Heralds Arise!

Starting off a new campaign, this time taking on the fantastic Enemy Within Campaign (3’rd edition) Our group faced an abrupt halt to our previous campaign. The narrative wheels cranked and the stage was set to play in the year 2522, a 4 year leap since our last campaign. This time, the campaign set out from the fair city of Averheim in the southern parts of the Empire.

Session 0 was character creation and our small group got together to figure out who is who?
Using the brilliant background cards supplemented in the campaign box we first selected the background and then a career fitting the Traits listed. Selecting careers took along, time. Since there are so many to choose from now.
We ended up with a strange bunch of characters: (no surprise there)
Mayu, playing a Noble Zealot, with the Gently Born background. Herman von Stahl.
Douglas, playing a bastard Servant with a mysterious past and the Outsider background. Erdling
Max, first deciding on an Ogre Maneater, but later changing his mind into playing a Bright Wizard Apprentice with the Academic background. Archibald von Rothstein.
All in all we have a bunch of more or less Noble characters but all of them outsiders and freaks in different ways. FUN!
We’ll see what happens when the rubber meets the road in Session 1.



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