Heralds of the Storm

Character Creation

Really nice session last night where we rolled up some great characters for everyone.

We ended up with:
Rasmus’ Dwarf – A strong, armored Iron Breaker.
Max’s Dwarf – A cunning and shooty Bounty Hunter.
Mayu’s Reiklander – A slippery and sly Smuggler
David’s Reiklander – An authoritative and brilliant Barber-surgeon.

Now all we need is some names and backgrounds to these characters. Reiklanders generally have german-sounding names while Dwarfs have more nordic/viking sounding names.

To make the backgrounds easier to put together you can answer a few of these questions:
Where are you from?
What is your family like?
What is your social class?
How religious are you?
Who are you loyal to?
Who do you love/hate?
Why are you adventuring/traveling?

You don’t have to write an essay, short answer will be just as good.
Go and update your characters on the Character page of the campaign menu above!
See you next Wednesday.


Looking forward to our first “real” session. :)

Character Creation

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